Filming locations “Game of Thrones”

ITÁLICA: Stage of the last chapter of the 7th season of "Game of Thrones"

Visit “Dragon Pit” – “Landing of the king”!

The last chapter of the 7 season of the American series Game of Thrones was released the month of September of 2007 world-wide.

With it, the fiction shows how they begin to interweave several plots that increasingly surround the answer to the great unknown: who will sit on the Iron Throne and reign West?

In addition to being the last one, this chapter is – without spoilers – much pointed out because, although it has been made to wait, at last one has been able to see images of the Roman ruins of Itálica. Finally it has turned out to be Dragon Pit, in Landing of the King, as they pointed many fans in their theories. This has become one of the places with more weight in the plot of the season, since here is a meeting chaired by Cersei Lannister that brings together for the first time many of the main characters of the series and which decides part of the fate of the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones requests again permission to record in the Italic. The producer herself made a formal request with the aim of re-recording the next spring of 2018 in Italica for the eighth and final season.